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  1. Mixtape

  2. Sorpresa Familia

  3. 手机上境外网加速软件

    Mourn - Audiotree Live

  4. Over The Wall

  5. 手机怎么翻外国网络

    Ha, Ha, He!

  6. Gertrudis

  7. MOURN


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手机浏览国外网站的方法 Barcelona, Spain

MOURN is a very young quartet formed from the friendship of Jazz Rodríguez Bueno and Carla Pérez Vas—both born in 1996 in El Maresme, Catalonia, Spain. The duo armed themselves with inspiration from PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Sebadoh and Sleater Kinney and began writing material, which they quickly released, raw and acoustic, on their YouTube channel. ... more


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